“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

Let’s kick off this wellness page by talking about one of the first steps I took when starting my road to natural wellness.

A little thing I like to call ‘Ditch & Switch’.

Like I said, when I decide something, I go all in.

Enough was enough. The research is out there. There are harsh chemicals in so many products that I was using every day. The Environmental Working Group has some great info on this.

A great resource to use when trying to find out if a product contains harsh chemicals is the Think Dirty app. If a product scores 4 or above, you need to give it a second look and see if it’s really worth keeping around. You’ll be shocked at what you find (I.e. Mrs Meyers. Not as clean as I thought it would be.).

I hopped on IG and went through our house throwing away all of the products that contained these chemicals. My Tide detergent, dryer sheets, my fragrance filled wall plug-ins, air fresheners. We’re talking trash bags full. So freeing.

One of the easiest things to ditch right from the beginning is dryer sheets. Get some wool dryer balls, drop some lavender on them, and you’re good to go. (NOTE: when I talk about essential oils on here, I am only referencing Young Living Essential Oils. They are the only oils I trust. Oils you buy at the store are filled with fillers and synthetics and that’s no good.)

I have now switched out almost every single product in my home with YL products or a natural alternative. Here’s a checklist to go through when you start your own ditch-and-switch process:

You know how you have candles or wall plug-ins in every room? Why not replace them with a diffuser?! So cute & so cost effective. Kick the junk to the curb and join me in this movement to natural living.