Fireplace Makeover

We have a fireplace, friends! Just in time for Christmas decor to go up. I can’t even explain how excited I am to have this one checked off the list. Funny story, we (or maybe just me) weren’t even really ready to take on this project. We had briefly discussed it in passing but had no real plan of tackling it anytime soon. Next thing I knew, I was at work one weekend, came home and the whole thing was ripped out. Guess it was go time!

We completely changed our minds on the plan and design at least 5 times. I think that’s my favorite part about all the projects we’ve done so far. We wait until it feels right before settling on what we want to do. That’s exactly what happened with this project. We had a plan in mind, I wasn’t in love and we changed it until we found ‘the one’.

This has to be the hardest project we have taken on, if I hadn’t said that already. I can’t tell you how many nights we spent just staring at the dang wall trying to figure out how we were going to do the next step. Thank you YouTube and all the other tutorials out there. Ya’ll are lifesavers. Mad respect to anyone in construction who does drywall and mudding for a living. That’s hard work right there.

Another tricky part we ran into was how to do the floating shelf. There are so many different ways to do this. We built a hallow shelf and secured it using a French Cleat method. Here’s a great video on how to do this.

As far as decor, most of it is stuff we had already. I’m sure I’ll change it out 20 more times before I’m 100% happy with it but that keeps it new and exciting right? I rarely break the bank when it comes to home decor. The cheaper the better as long as it’s still cute and won’t fall apart the minute I leave the store. I didn’t even pay for the pampas grass thanks to nature. Resourcefulness, people. Here is the link for the mirror. The little houses were from the Target clearance section. The garland, letter, and Home sign are from Hobby Lobby.

For the paint we used Behr Carbon in eggshell. This is the same black (except in satin) that we used on the doors and our master bedroom wall (post to come on this since I realized I never did one). The eggshell shows any scuffs and dust so we had to touch it up quite a bit when we were done but I love the color of it, especially against the white walls. We used high heat spray paint around the edge of and in the fireplace. The last thing we need is for the whole thing to go up in flames. This spray paint has a matte finish so I wouldn’t recommend doing the whole thing this color.

We are sooo happy with how this turned out. If we can do this, anyone can do this, trust me.

I’m already plotting the next project…what do you think it could be?? If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram for all the updates!

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