DIY Wood Shelf

Figuring out how to make a project happen that I’ve seen somewhere else has been my jam lately. I love the challenge of finding out how to recreate things with little to no instruction. I saw this wood shelf from Wood + Oils and LOVED it. We quickly started planning and got to work. After a little math, we finally got it just right. I also discovered during this project that Home Depot has a section of wood that is NICE. Less twisty and knotty than the wood we normally get from the lumber section and perfect for projects like this. You would have thought I would have known this by now after going there a thousand times for all these projects. Game changer! It’s a little more expensive but definitely worth it if you’re going for quality. Side note: Wood + Oils has THE CUTEST stuff. Be sure to check them out!

We started with a rough sketch of the shelf and what we wanted it to look like. Don’t forget to account for the 1/2″ thick shelves when figuring out the dimensions. This was built this for essential oil bottles so we had to make sure they would fit but you can definitely tweak the dimensions depending what you want to put on the shelf.

We made a couple mistakes in the beginning (always) so it was a little trial and error to get everything lined up right. Make sure to get some extra wood in case this happens. I have to add, this was the first project I’ve used the saw on my own. Watch out people! It’s getting real up in here. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Have faith in yourself! You got this! Here’s the progression of how we put the pieces together. I apologize in advance for the low-quality pics but you’ll get the gist.

Our total size ended up being approximately 2.5 ft. x 3.5 ft. Once you get the pieces and measurements exactly how you want them, you can start nailing the pieces together. I highly recommend using an air nailer. This will save yourself a lot of time and frustration. You might need a second pair of hands to help hold it all and keep it straight – a wall will also do.

Next project coming up soon: Master Bedroom Revamp! I’ve been so excited about this one. Stay tuned!!

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