Healing Through Music

Grieving sucks. There’s no other way to put it. Yeah, you can think about what it would feel like to lose someone you love but until you’re actually going through it, you have no idea. I don’t know when to go back to my ‘normal’ life, if there is such thing as normal. I guess, overtime, life turns into a new normal but there will always be a gaping hole where she should be.

Grief is an emotional roller coaster. One minute I feel fine, almost guilty that I’m not crying. The next minute the waves come crashing and I’m flooded with emotions all over again. Music has been an extremely helpful outlet for me. Here are some songs that are helping me make some sense of everything.

Even If by Mercy Me

It’s easy to sing when there’s nothing to bring me down.

But what will I say when I’m held to the flame like I am right now?

I know You’re able and I know You can save through the fire with Your mighty hand.

But even if you don’t. My hope is you alone.

Maybe It’s OK by We Are Messengers

If I didn’t know what it hurt like to be broken then how would I know what it feels like to be whole?

If I didn’t know what it cuts like to be rejected then I wouldn’t know the joy of coming home.

Maybe it’s OK if I’m not OK. ‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me.

Maybe its alright, if I’m not alright. ‘Cause the one who holds the stars is holding my whole life.

Rescue by Lauren Daigle

There is no distance that cannot be covered. Over and over. You’re not defenseless.
I’ll be your shelter. I’ll be your armor.

I hear you whisper underneath your breath. I hear your SOS, your SOS.

I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkest night it’s true, I will rescue you.

I will never stop marching to reach you in the middle of the darkest night, it’s true, I will rescue you.

Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle

Where are you now when darkness seems to win? Where are you now when the world is crumbling?

Where are you now when all I feel is doubt? Where are you now when I can’t figure it out?

You’re not threatened by the war. You’re not shaken by the storm.
I know You’re in control.

Even in our suffering. Even when it can’t be seen.
I know You’re in control.

Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher

Lord, I come, I confess. Bowing here I find my rest. Without You I fall apart.
You’re the One that guides my heart.

Lord, I need You, oh, I need You. Ever hour I need You.
My one defense, my righteousness. Oh God, how I need you.

So teach my song to rise to You when temptation comes my way.

When I cannot stand I’ll fall on You. Jesus, You’re my hope and stay.

Up Again by Dan Bremnes

And I guess not every little thing works out just the way you dreamed.

You can take a couple wrong turns and still end up where you’re supposed to be.

And even though in a moment I know anything can change.

Your perfect plans might fall apart but the simple truth remains.

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. You gotta get up, up again.

Keep holding on, it’s not the end. You gotta get up, up again.

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.

Oh, it chases me down, fight ‘til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine.

I couldn’t earn it and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away.

Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.

There’s no shadow You won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up, coming after me.

There’s no wall You won’t kick down, lie You won’t tear down, coming after me.

No matter where you are on your healing journey, I’ve learned quickly it’s OK to not be OK. Grief looks different on everyone and there is no right or wrong way to ‘get through it’.

One day at a time. One day closer.