Two-Day Bathroom Makeover

Have you ever redone a room based entirely on one decorative item? Because this room was based solely on what I could find to match that rug. What was meant to be a one day project turned into two but I’ll take it. This project brought to you by all the things I could find on Amazon while working a night shift. No joke. (Minus the mirror. That’s from Hobby Lobby).

I went with the same white color for the walls that we used to paint the rest of the house. I can’t say I’m 100% in love with it but I think it will grow on me. That’s what happens when you rush and make rash decisions. I never get too upset about any of these things because if there’s one thing I’ve learned with these house projects, they can always be changed.

Also, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I get almost all my home decor and knick knacks online. This has saved us money and for some reason, I love reading reviews. None of the projects we have done so far have broken the bank. We’re saving that for the master bedroom. The best for last.

I didn’t take too many progress pictures during this process because I was on a mission. I first painted the whole room white after I took off the mirror. Then I tackled the cabinets, hung up some shelves, and voila! Of course I used Rustoleum for the cabinets, no brainer there! I used Pure White for the walls. The shelves I found on Amazon and was hesitant at first but now I actually really like them!

I still want to change out the light fixture in there to match the black accents, but for now, this will do just fine.

Wall color: Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Cabinets: Rustoleum Aged Gray

Knobs: Black Square T-Bar

Towel Rack: Matte Black Towel Bar

Rug: Medallion Rustchindi

Mirror: Round Gold Mirror

Shelves: Floating Bathroom Shelves

Shower Curtain: Pinch Pleat Gray

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