Amazon Home Favs

This year has been such a fun year with all of our house projects. I discovered a lot about myself this year and my new found love for home projects and decorating. Here are some of my favorite Amazon snags of 2019 that have helped our house come together.

WE Furniture TV Stand: I love how this piece really completed our living room. It’s simple and super easy to put together.

Permo Vintage Industrial Ceiling Light: This is the light we used in the living room. I love the look of it in that space. It looks best with an Edison-type lightbulb.

Kwikset Halifax Door Handle: We used these handles on all of the doors in the upstairs. They look so sharp, especially with the black doors but they also look great with white doors. These ones were quite a bit cheaper than similar ones we found at the store.

Rustoleum Chalk Paint: I can’t get through a home post without talking about my beloved chalk paint. I have used this brand of chalk paint for almost all of my projects – the cabinets, bannisters, and backsplash stencil. It’s so versatile and easy to work with.

Homyfort Floating Bathroom Shelves: These shelves are going to be a part of my 1-day bathroom makeover project…coming soon! Mid-century modern is my jam and these shelves fit right in. I can’t wait to see what the final project looks like.

Seagrass Indoor Macrame Baskets: These baskets are super fun, the dogs think so too. I think they are currently unavailable but if you go to the link there should be a lot of similar baskets on there.

Vintage Foyer Lantern: Buying light fixtures online is risky business but I lucked out with the ones I have gotten so far. They have so many options out there. Sometimes it’s trial and error. Make sure to look up the specific measurements so you know which size you are getting.

Smokey Pine Christmas Garland: Okay guys, I know this one is seasonal but I might just leave it up all year round. I’m obsessed! I combined it with a faux eucalyptus garland that we already had. What I love most about this garland, that was a surprise, is that it has an automatic on/off feature. If you turn the lights on one night, it will turn on at that same time every night unless you manually press the button.

Flameless Battery Operated Candles: Of course I have to talk about the remote controlled candles. I love these things. They really make the house feel cozy. Check out my fall post if you want to read more about these. Ditch those toxic candles, people, and get you some cute faux candles.

These were just a few of my Amazon favs. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store! I can safely bet there will be painting of some sort.

Happy holidays, friends!