Office Closet Makeover

We went back and fourth on this project for a little while. Debating what the best option would be to maximize this space. When we moved in, this closet had your typical wood shelving with wooden rods to hang clothes on. Not the most practical use of this space for what we wanted to do with it. First we ripped out all the original shelving and put the dresser in the closet. A slight improvement but still not the best use of this space.

We came across neat closet organizers at The Container Store but they were pretty dang pricey. We later found a very similar design at IKEA for 1/3 of the price. They had a couple different options to choose from but we went with the ALGOT system because it was completely customizable and so affordable. The only downside is that it comes in all individualized pieces so you have to figure out what goes where. As long as you have some power tools and can read directions, you’ll be just fine. Thankful I have a very precise and handy husband because I wouldn’t have wanted to take this project on on my own.

My favorite part was creating this design online. You put in the dimensions of the space you’re designing then just drag and drop the pieces you want. That way you get a great idea of what the final design will look like and you know it will fit your space. Check out our draft below.

The most difficult part was getting the top brackets in the right spot. Measure. Level. And then measure and level again.

Once all the brackets are in you can start adding in the shelves and rearranging them as needed.

Some crazy lighting in this picture but this is what it looked like once we got all the shelves where we wanted them.

We ended up removing the top right shelf because the shelves were a tad deep at the top and we couldn’t get stuff on and off them easily. Once we got the curtains up, you couldn’t even tell this shelf was missing.

Now to finish organizing the rest of the office for a full office reveal coming soon!

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