Who Saved Who?

I believe everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for everything and His timing is perfect whether we think so or not. We talked a lot about getting a new fur baby so Flint (our current dog) would have a playmate. I was still working full time, we had summer travel plans. Maybe when things settled down in the fall we would look into it when the timing was right.

Then my mom sent me this picture.

I was in love. I had to meet her. I met her later that day and that was it. She needed to be a part of our family. Or we could at least foster her and see what happens. (Yeah right. If she came into our house there’s no way we wouldn’t keep her.)

Then the ‘timing’ issue came back. I would be leaving for Salt Lake City next week. Remy (formerly known as Penelope) was in bad shape. Cuts all over. Missing part of her ear. Infection so bad she would most likely lose her front leg. So I prayed about it. If it was in His plan for us to bring her home, it would work out. I prayed she would get to keep her leg. But mostly, I prayed she would survive. 

My mom (super woman who volunteers hours on end at our local Kansas City shelter) called me a couple days later saying the infection in her leg was so bad they had to amputate it. I was in tears. That’s the thing about dogs. You can’t tell them what’s going on. One minute they have a leg then they go to sleep, wake up, and it’s gone. No warning. On the other hand, dogs are resilient little things. As long as they’re cared for, they forgive and forget.

We got the call from the shelter the day after the amputation. She would be able to come home with us as a foster but would still need a lot of medical attention. We never do things small if you haven’t figured that out by now. Of course our first ever foster dog would be a hot mess. But someone had to do it.

I went to visit her the morning after working a night shift (and stepped in a massive pile of diarrhea that managed to get all the way up my pants, I might add. Definitely foreshadowing the messy road we had ahead of us, right?). We went back to pick her up later that afternoon. She was so groggy from all the pain meds. Her amputation site was gnarly. It was a struggle to pick this girl up without making her cry. Even in this picture, she looks like she’s smiling. Even through all this, she looked happy. CRAZY!

Never having dealt with a fresh amputation before, we had no idea what to expect. What would her limits be? Her first few steps were rough but, even then, she got around surprisingly well. Poor girl hopping around with a giant cone on her head. She went up and down the stairs the NEXT DAY. Like it was no big deal.

I’ll spare you the graphic details, but I while I was in Salt Lake, her wound opened up. I’m assuming because the infection was so bad. Back to the shelter she went for another surgery to put a drain in. Hopefully this would help keep the area closed up so it could fully heal.

A week or so passed and she got the drain out. Yet another painful procedure, but this time she was awake for it. At least it was quick but still… this girl has undergone more pain in her short life (guessing she was around 1 years old) than I have my entire life.

A couple more weeks passed and she got the rest of the stitches out. The better she felt, the more her personality began to come out. Her wound was healing and all this girl wanted to do was play and be loved on. Her hair started to grow back. Her ear was healing. We could no longer see her rib cage. It felt like her healing process was going to be forever and now it seems like a blur.

Once her amputation site had pretty much healed and she was no longer showing signs of infection, she was able to get spayed. Sorry Remy girl. One more surgery. And back in the cone. At this point, she probably thought the cone was a part of this new life she had.

The spay was nothing compared to the rest of what she’s been through. That recovery was easy peasy. The hardest part was keeping her somewhat calm for a week. The girl likes to jump. She’s SO springy. We almost named her Roo because she literally hops and lays around like a kangaroo. From meeting her the very first day in the shelter to now, I never thought a dog could have this much energy. We love it. She gives Flint a run for his money, that’s for sure.

Sue got her first pup cup from Starbucks to celebrate her first visit to the vet.

Side note: if anyone is looking for a good harness for their three-legged friend, we love this one. It gives her so much support and she can’t back out of it.

Okay, honesty moment. We got our first dog from a breeder. Looking back, we should have adopted from a shelter, but I don’t regret getting him at all. He’s the perfect dog and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Having this experience with Remy, though. Life changing. If you ever have a chance to adopt a dog and save their life. Do it. It will be the hardest and best thing you ever do.

We will never know what she went through before we got her but I don’t want to know. To think about her suffering tears my heart to pieces. She’s the most loving fur baby. I’m not sure who rescued who.

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