Herringbone Accent Wall

I am in LOVE with how this project turned out. The office is one room I’ve been itching to get done but knew it would be quite the project. This herringbone accent wall was 100% inspired by Our Faux Farmhouse. Parker blew this project out of the water. For more detailed pictures and videos, check out my instagram highlight (@simply.blyss)

So let’s get to it!

Here are some required tools you will need getting started:

– Router with 1/4″ round blade

– Table Saw

– Miter Saw

– Nail gun

– 1/2″ MDF (4′ x 8′ piece cut into 4′ L x 6″ W strips – we ended up using 3 sheets)

– Level with a 45 degree angle

Once we had all the strips cut and routered, then came the tricky part: finding the exact center of the wall. Once you find the center, draw a line from the ceiling to the floor using a level so you have a reference point. You’ll also want to find the center of the board and make a dash. Using a level on the board to hit a 45 degree angle, line the center of the board with the center of the wall. Mark both corners of the board and draw floor to ceiling lines, similar to the one you drew for the center point.

Once you have all of your initial lines drawn, find your studs and mark them either using a stud finder or good ol’ fashioned hammer and nail.

Once you have your initial board nailed in, keep repeating the pattern until you’ve run out of spots for full boards. The edges were more difficult because this is where the 45 degree cuts come in. Cut a scrap piece off one of the boards as a reference board to measure for all the small pieces. A 6″ long piece should do. Check out Our Faux Farmhouse’s herringbone wall highlight for a video on how to measure the small pieces.

We ended up using outlet extenders so the outlets would be on top of the wood vs. in the wood. It made them look way more finished. Parker worked for long and hard on this project and left the last piece of the puzzle for me. He’s the best!

I did a lot of research and decided on using Clare Paint. Since I was working in a smaller room with not as much airflow like when I painted the whole main living space, I wanted to make sure paint fumes wouldn’t linger long after this project was completed. This paint is Zero VOC and what a difference it made. Barely any stink left behind! I went with Irony for the herringbone wall and Fresh Kicks for the other 3 walls.

Again, this was quite the task. We had to watch the tutorial videos multiple times. Don’t get frustrated and leave yourself extra room for error. We made plenty of mistakes, but in the end, it turned out great. Now we just have couple more pieces to get to finish it up. I’m excited for all the work and growth that will be done in this room!

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