Hand-Painted Chevron Accent Wall

I took a brief break from house projects but I’m back! This time, we’re tackling accent walls. As you know, we painted the whole main interior of our house white. While we still absolutely love it, we needed some pop. Something extra to add some depth. I debated with peel-and-stick wallpaper but couldn’t find the look I wanted. Then I stumbled across this hand-painted chevron on the Thriving Home blog and LOVED it.

It took me about 12 hours to complete the wall from start to finish. I recommend getting two stencils if you want to spend the money because I had to let the stencil dry in between each section so I wouldn’t get wet paint on the wall where I didn’t want it. That slowed down the process quite a bit. The stencil I used was Hand-Painted Chevron from The Cutting Edge Stencils.

The hardest part was getting the first stencil lined up exactly right. If it’s crooked, the whole wall could be skewed. No fun. I used a level and painter’s tape until I had it right where I wanted it. I recommend using a roller brush to speed the process up. I used a 6-inch roller.

Check out my progression below. I’d love to hear your thoughts or ideas if you take this project on!