All About Balance

If you’ve been following my wellness journey on social media at all, you’ve heard me talk about my complete inability to fully complete any workout or eating plan. If not, here we go.

I was an athlete my whole life. All the way through college. I was used to training with a team and being coached. It’s all I knew.

So when that all ended, I had to find a new kind of motivation. I’ve always had drive and self-discipline. That wasn’t the issue. It was more of a time issue than anything else and not having anyone to keep me accountable. Working a part-time business from home and working full-time as a nurse doesn’t give me the time freedom that I used to have. Or at least it wasn’t as much of a priority since I no longer had anyone telling me what to do.

I have started probably over dozen workout programs with the intention of seeing them through. Start to finish. I have also started numerous eating plans (Whole 30, 21 Day Fix containers, etc.).

And you know how many of them I have completed all the way through?


That’s right. Not a single one.

And I’m fine with that. You know why? Because it’s all about balance. I thought I needed to get through these workout programs because so many people had done them before and looked amazing! So if you’re one of those people, I have a lot of respect for you. It’s hard work.

What I’ve realized is that as long as you are eating as healthy as you can and working out when you can, that’s completely OK. There’s so much pressure these days to follow a strict diet (Keto, anyone?) and while that works great for some people, it’s just not for me. I’d rather spend my time focusing on my family and my business than keeping track of every little thing I’m consuming.

Increase you fruit and veggie intake, drink more water, workout 30 minutes a day and call it good. Stop comparing yourself to people online. Life’s hard enough and we don’t need to add more pressure on ourselves than we already do.

(And if you need to eat a donut every now and then, you’ll be just fine.)

Just some Friday food-for-thought for you.

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