Health Now or Illness Later?

“Invest in your health now or invest in illness later.”

I never truly understood what this meant until the past couple of years. Modern medicine was always the answer. Sore throat? Doctor. Antibiotics. Fever? Doctor. Antibiotics. Runny nose? Drug store. OTC meds. That’s just what I was used to. Always treating the symptoms instead of preventing them from starting in the first place.

Those doctors visits, medications, gas to get there, time spent waiting, adds up pretty quick.

I’m going to start by saying modern medicine is amazing. I’m a nurse. I totally get it. It’s incredible how far we’ve come and the continuous research being done. There is most definitely a time and place for it and I’m thankful it’s there if I should ever need it.

My focus these past few years, however, has been on supporting my health in more natural ways. I’ve done this by eliminating almost all of the harmful, toxic chemicals I was using everyday, eating more whole foods (less processed), and adding in plant based products, starting with essential oils.

Since making these changes, I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I’ve been a nurse for three years and have not called in sick one single day. Crazy!


My daily regimen goes a little something like this:

  • Lots and lots of water
  • Ningxia Red Every. Single. Day. I can’t say enough good things about this supplement. Total body support. Good the benefits of the goji berry.
  • Lemon + lavender + peppermint combo for seasonal support. Game changer. My allergies used to be out of control. Now I just use this to support myself through the seasons with zero side effects.
  • As many fruits and veggies as I can get in each day.
  • Multigreens when I fail at the above.
  • Only plant-based cleaners in our house – aka all things Thieves.
  • Taking a daily multivitamin to get in the nutrients you might be missing out on from your diet.

People ask me all the time about what I do, what they can do etc., and the response is always, “it’s just too expensive.” I can tell you right now a $20 bottle of lavender, or a $1.20 ounce of Ningxia Red are a heck of a lot cheaper than a $100 visit to the doctor.

Support your health first. Fuel your body with goodness. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel. More time to focus on living life feeling great instead of always having to play catch up getting better and back to baseline.

Invest in your health. You’re worth it.

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