But First, Coffee. KC Edition.

This blog would not be complete without talking about my love for coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I’m ALWAYS down for a coffee date. And no, it won’t be at Starbucks. Starbucks is strictly reserved for on-the-go, only coffee shop around, fix this caffeine headache stat, coffee runs.

My favorite thing to do on a weekend morning when I’m running around and actually have time to breathe is to find a local coffee shop. I always like to find new places but I have my favorites. My go-to drink is usually an iced vanilla almond milk latte. Sometimes hot if it’s freezing outside but I’m more of an iced coffee year round girl.

Here are some of my favs in the Kansas City area.

The Wild Way Coffee

Okay this is the CUTEST idea with the CUTEST couple who owns this shop. Well, actually camper. I stumbled upon them on Instagram and had to check them out. It’s a coffee camper that travels around KC – so neat! You have to check out their IG page to find out where they’re going to be each day. In the winter, they park the camper in a warehouse but they’re still open for business. I was even able to host an oily event at their warehouse.

Back to the coffee. It’s to die for. So good. So fresh. And their menu changes by the season! I’m always so excited to see what they’re going to come up with next! I love the fact that they use local whole milk and also carry oat milk & macadamia nut milk. All of which are hard to come by these days.

You have to check them out if you’re in the area.

Hammerhand Coffee

This has to be one of the best coffee shops north of the river, coming from a northlander. (For those of you who don’t know, there’s a great divide between north and south KC.) Hammerhand is located right on the Liberty Square. We LOVE it. My go-to drink is the hot or iced stevia vanilla latte with almond milk. They make their stevia in-house and it’s oh so good. If we lived closer, I would go here every day. They have the best homemade pop tarts as well if you’re needing a little something sweet.

I love the vibe and the location. Get some shopping in while you’re at it. There are some cute boutiques in the area.

Made In KC Cafe

If you’re looking for something more in the action of the city, this is your place. Made in KC Cafe is located right in the heart of downtown KC. We’ve only been here once but I’m definitely going back. Such a cute and trendy place.

We ordered chocolate covered strawberry lattes made with Shatto strawberry milk. I never would have put that combo together but it was so good I think I drank it in less than 5 minutes.

They also have homemade poptarts (I’m sensing a theme here) and donuts – my other weakness. Might as well get this one added to your list too.


Mildred’s is definitely our fav if we’re feeling coffee AND breakfast. I get my usual latte here, Parker gets the breakfast sandwich and I get the quiche. I’m hungry just thinking about it. This is one of my favorite places to go to if I’m working on a class or trying to get stuff done. I love the vibe, I’m able to chill out and focus here, and the baristas are so so kind.

They also have the cutest swag. Parker bought me one of the glass jars that I keep by my diffuser.

Messenger Coffee Co. + Ibis Bakery

Messenger is also located in downtown KC and is in the neatest building. It’s three stories tall with rooftop seating. There is a bakery inside so if you go at the right time, you can watch them bake right in front of you.

Coffee = amazing. Baked goods = equally amazing. They give you samples of bread and pastries when you walk in, which is usually what we end up buying on the way out because it’s all so fresh.

I could go on but I’ll cut myself off there. Please tell me you’ll go to at least one of these if you ever get the chance to visit KC?!

[*Disclaimer: Don’t get me wrong, I love Starbucks. But if I have the chance to go somewhere new and support a local business, I almost definitely will. #shoplocal]

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