Personalities: What’s Yours?

Personal growth has been one main area of focus this past year. I have read all kinds of books, articles, taken quizzes. It’s fascinating how accurate and useful all this has become in better understanding myself and understanding others.

Let’s start with the colors. There are four colors that capture the different personalities: red, blue, yellow & green.

I took the quiz and it told me I was 50% red with my second highest (30%) being blue. At first, I was surprised. But the more I learned and experienced what a ‘red’ personality was, that was totally me.

“The ‘true reds’ are ethical winners, with their strength under control. They no longer NEED the approval of others, but have a well-established self-image that allows them to move toward their goals while keeping in their awareness the needs of those around them. Although they still love the attention of victory, they are sure to acknowledge those around them before reaping their own glory.”

Pretty spot on. I never would have pegged myself for a red, but again, the more you learn the more you begin to understand.

You can take the color personality quiz here.

The next personality quiz I recommend taking, which I’m still learning more about, is the enneagram number quiz. This one covers NINE different personality types. It’s similar to the color personalities but they are broken down into more specific categories.

I won’t go into detail on all the different numbers. I am a type three which, again, was freaky accurate. I took the free quiz but you can also pay to take a quiz that will give you more in-depth explanations if you’re really digging down deep (paid version).

Taken from the

First, figure out where you are on the color scale and what your number is. What’s your personality? What are you strengths? What are you weaknesses? Once you have this figured out, you can begin to figure out the personalities of those around you.

This has been so helpful in my business. It allows me to talk to people in ways that they will receive it best according to their personality. I know my greens like the facts and research. I wouldn’t dare say the same stuff to a green that I would to a blue. They would tune me out in a heartbeat. Blues just want to know the fun, light-hearted stuff. My reds I know I can be straight up with. They’re the workhorses in the bunch. And my yellows just want to help others and not step on any toes. None of these are better or worse. It’s what makes everyone unique and allows them to bring something different to the table.

It has also helped me in my marriage, knowing what personality my husband has, what his triggers are, what his strengths are. You really can’t go wrong doing a little bit of research on this topic.

What’s your number? What’s you color?


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