Nesting On A Budget

One of my favorite rooms we’ve done so far was the guest room. I took bits and pieces of ideas I had seen in various places and pieced them together into a cozy, inviting space for our guests. And the best part was that we didn’t break the bank doing it.

The Look

Bed frame: Home Depot Online

Pendant lights: IKEA

Wall mount: Hobby Lobby

Side tables: Nebraska Furniture Mart

Comforter: Urban Outfitters

Paint color: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

Another piece I got for a STEAL was this shelf (below) I had been eyeing online for around $80. I ended up finding it at TJMaxx for $20! Heck yeah. It was perfect for this space.

So I never even knew that Home Depot had furniture ONLINE that is so freakin’ cute. If you didn’t know this, go look for yourself. They have some good stuff!

The Look

Kitchen Table: Home Depot Online

Runner: Target

White chairs: Letgo app (8 chairs for $30. This is a great app if you want nice stuff for cheap. You can almost always negotiate lower too.)

Green chairs: Article (not necessarily a bargain but this was something I wanted to splurge on.)

Last but not least (for now) are the hexagon shelves that I am OBSESSED with. I kept finding these online for way more than I wanted to spend. So I posted them on IG and asked if anyone could make them. My good friend from work said she thought her and her husband could make them. Too cool! She ended up making them for me, completely custom made, and for a way more affordable price.

And now she added them to her shop. If you want to check out her shop, The Crafty Mama Studio, click here.

It’s so much more fun buying stuff from your friends or local entrepreneurs.

More shelves means more room for oils. #score

Upcoming projects:

– Final touches on the laundry room

– Office

– Master Bedroom

– Master Bathroom

Eeeek can’t wait to see what’s next!

– A

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