Positive Over Negative

I wanted to share a post I wrote on Facebook almost a year ago because it still rings true today. I had these same thoughts the other day when I was somewhere recently and the news was turned on. One negative, depressing news story after the other.


A couple months ago, I was driving around, probably on my way to work, listening to whatever ‘hit’ radio station I had decided to stop on. I listened to headline after headline of all the breaking news happening around the world. Not one story was positive. Most of them were devastating and some instilled fear in me. Yes, it’s good to know what’s happening in the world we live in, but did it all have to be so negative?

I had enough so I switched the station to 97.3, which in KC is K-LOVE. Mind you, I am the last person to ever push religion on someone, so hear me out. The minute I switched radio stations, the headlines were something along the lines of what good things people were doing in the world. There were still snippets about sad, breaking news. But it was just the quick facts. Not all the drama. Then it would switch back to something happy and uplifting, like someone calling in to the show to talk about how there lives were changed by switching on K-LOVE when they were in a dark period of their life. I can’t remember specifics but my whole entire mood and mindset changed that day.

Since that day, I have not switched my radio station off of K-LOVE (or Life 88.5). Once I started truly listening to the lyrics of the songs, I got goosebumps and sometimes tears came to my eyes.

I say all that to say this. There is a LOT of good happening in this world despite all the negativity. We just have to choose to look for it and embrace it.

I challenge you to change your radio station to K-Love, or whatever Christian radio station you have, for a solid week, then see if you can change the station after that.

Find the good. Be the good. Spread the good.


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