Paint It First, Think Later

Like I’ve said, I’ve been dying to decorate a house and make it my own. So naturally our list of projects started the day our offer got accepted and were implemented the day we moved in. Maybe the day after. Day 2 we started painting the entire interior white. I think we busted this out and got it done within a few days. Painting roughly 8 hours a day (with help from the fam). Even just doing that made the place feel so much better. Fresh and clean.

Tip: Invest in a ladder. It doesn’t have to be super nice. We found one at Lowe’s on clearance for around $80. Saved our butts.


It’s hard to tell how white the walls are but we went with Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I love how clean and bright it makes the whole house feel.


HACK: Painting the entire house means lots of strong fumes. I added a full bottle of Purification essential oil to my paint bucket. It definitely helped mask some of the strong odor. You can choose whatever oil you want. I added Joy esssential oil to the paint for the guest room so that room would be filled with joy.


The next project (which was not next on our list but I went for it anyway) was the cabinets. And the bannister shortly followed because why not?

Chalk paint is the best thing ever. No sanding required. I also didn’t take the cabinet doors off either because that’s just too much for me.

I did two coats of chalk paint and one coat of the polyurethane to seal. I highly recommend Rustoleum. You can snag it on Amazon. And here’s the link for the polyurethane.

Here’s a before & after with the polyurethane. It definitely makes it more durable and darkens the charcoal color that we used.

I did the bannisters the same way.

I LOVE the contrast of the white with black accents.

Next up were the doors. All of them. Some might have questioned if I really wanted to do it. But my mind was made up so I went for it. Stay tuned for a final pic once I get the handles on. The first door I painted using only a brush. After that I used a roller and it was SO MUCH FASTER. I also didn’t take the doors off the hinges. Whoops.

More house updates still to come. Stay tuned.


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